Our world is gone, destroyed in a dark time known only as “THE CATASTROPHE” – when the oceans rose and a huge meteor struck the Earth. Humanity was nearly wiped out. At last, civilization is returning – but Earth is different.

The world is now a vast ocean, peppered with thousands of islands. Pilots and Navigators called CHARTERS are paid to map islands, deliver goods, and recover Old World treasures.

The Charters live in the NINE ISLES ARCHIPELAGO, a contentious confederacy of unique Island-States. They rely on the CHARTER’S GUILD for exploration and the NINE ISLES DEFENSE FORCE (NIDF) for protection.

MAXWELL ROMERO & MARLOW DREYFUSS, our protagonists, are Charters. When not out flying Unknown Waters, they try to make their home in AMBER CITY, capital of the Nine Isles and home of the Charter’s Guild.

Some days, they’ll be flying through the Endless Blue, dodging pirates and unearthing Old Earth Treasures. Others, they’ll get trapped in the intrigues and politics of the Nine Isles.

The end of the world was just the beginning!