Hugh was originally going to design the refinery to look humanoid. After seeing this rough page, I asked for a “Galactus-style Head”(Actual quote).  Hugh was probably so disgusted with me he changed it to a more realistic look. In case you’re wondering, the village is on the back right side of the refinery in the finished page. So yeah, this thing is damn huge. You’d have to be desperate to… FLY THROUGH IT.

Hugh’s design for the Drone POV came later, and it was his idea to use Hex Code inside it, which we abuse the heck out of later in this issue.



Actually, Joseph was the one who asked me to make it less human looking. When I first sketched it I specifically started with the look of a looming titan, like something that had dragged itself out of the sea to pass away leaning over this tiny scrap of land. Obviously that is a little more fantasy than si-fi so the design was shifted towards a more realistic industrial design, but the starting place was still the idea of some massive old thing that is now dormant, with a small community trying to live in it’s shadow.

Also here we see the start of the over the shoulder shot of the front screen we will be seeing a lot of from now on.