We ended up splitting pages 7 & 8 to fit in the moment with the Drones talking to Max. The finished pages are better for it.

I think if I had the chance I’d re-write the dialogue in panel 5 on page 7. It feels too clunky, though it works really well with Max’s expression.

For page 8, I only wrote 3 panels, but Hugh added in the extra moments, including panel 5 with the laser light bathing Max’s face, which I think is great.



One thing that happened consistently throughout the script was changes in the number of panels used to sell a particular moment. Sometimes I felt that several images were needed in order to show the full development of a moment, either a change in expression or the stillness of a scene. Joseph was good about letting me have the freedom to buck his call on panels in lieu of a more visual approach and the storytelling.

On a separate note the top panel was once the opening frame of the first Blue Skies test comic I did back in 2012: A wide shot of open water with the Six Winds Wild as a small distant object leaving a huge pluming vapor trail. It is one of my favorite images that simply screams Blue Skies to me.