Thank you everyone for reading Blue Skies Over Nine Isles!

It feels like forever ago I started drawing for this project. I’ve filled pages of scratch sheets with doodles from the Nine Isles, from characters to ships to locations. I’m extremely privileged to be able to share our story with you all.

We are taking a break for a while as we make improvements all around the project. We hope to debut a better Blue Skies for you all in 2020! Please pardon our dust as we get things set up.

Thanks again everyone!

– Cartographer

This is honestly pretty cool. Hugh and I conceived of this concept back in 2012 and it took 7 years to get here, with the first issue being scripted in 2014 and our first page published in April 2015. It’s been through a lot of iterations & changes, but the core concept was always the same. I’m proud of us for getting to this point!

I will say that I have drafts of scripts for Issues 5-8, and we are planning to try some new & different things. We’re not sure when Issue 5 will drop, but watch this space! See you all soon!

– Chronicler