apparently the green & red were not happy about the purple & staged a counterrevolution. oh well. someday the purple shall rise again.

This is the final page of Issue 3. We’ll return with Issue 4 (The final issue of the Uncharted Arc) in 2019. In the meantime, might I suggest an archive binge? By the time you finish, there might be new comics to read! And if not, you can just go back & read the archives again.

– Chronicler


Joe doesn’t like it when I kill faceless people. He wants me to give them faces, then kill them. What a monster.

Issue 3 has been a lot of fun! Obviously as we keep rolling the style changes and grows, and I am excited to try some new things with Issue 4 of Uncharted. Hope you join us again for the concluding chapter, and then after into the next stories we have planned!

– Cartographer