VanCAF was pretty awesome! Handed out comics, met some rad comic creators, just had a good time in general. We will definitely be setting up a table next year! In the meantime, when you’re not reading our comic, check out some of these awesome ones by cool people we met at VanCAF:

GREY the Webcomic – If you like a bunch of awful people doing twisted acts of violence to each other and gangland intrigues, check this comic out.

The Saga of Metalbeard – So Metal! In more ways than one. Space Vikings, Space Metal, Space Wizards, even Space Ghost Mentors! The best.

N.U.T.M.E.G. “Betty & Veronica meets Breaking Bad” was how James, the writer, pitched this book to me. Woo!

The Thief’s Tale I’m a sucker for medieval anything, and the art and storytelling here are nothing short of fantastic. Beautiful attention to detail. Read it!

Jeff Ellis does a bunch of great slice of life comics, including one all about his adventures teaching English in Japan. He also runs Cloudscape Comics which is a great resource for BC Comics Creators.

Lucy Bellwood has a ton of cool comics, mostly about sailing but also about other cool things.

Skin Deep is about a magical hidden world just beneath the surface of ours – the coolest kind.

Balls 2 That is… well, it’s about 2 screwballs, a guy and a girl, and their adventures in different genres and stories. That’s about as close as I can describe in a single sentence.

Jesse Davidge does tons of cool comics, my personal favorite probably being Mathemagick, the adventures of a bunch of mathematicians solving problems with space, time, and metaphysics!

Also, just want to let you know, we have a Facebook Page, a Tumblr, and Joe has a Twitter account. You can get to them by clicking the little icons on the right above the comic. Please spread our digital empire throughout the intarwebs! We promise a place for you in the new electronic hierarchy when we take over.