This page took a bit of wrangling to get the panels right for me. Cutting back and forth to raise tension is a cinematic staple but it doesn’t always translate 100% to comics. You’ll notice from the roughs that Hugh actually added the visual of the sniper sliding down the hill after the roughs, which is a nice action moment.

Also the dialogue and sound effects ultimately felt like unnecessary additions, so we got rid of those too!

Anyway, that’s all of our commentary! I hope you guys enjoyed this. If so, let us know. We’ll try to find another time to do it.

See you next week with ISSUE 2!!!!



The panel layout tells two stories in parallel: Maxwell recovering from the drone, and the stranger approaching him. The space in each row gradually shifts as the stories come together and the focus is passed from Max to his savior. That was, at least, what I was going for.

The sniper moving through the high grass was another image that I just really wanted to include. Again, a quintessential Blue Skies Over Nine Isles visual I wanted to hit. Sharing these poster moments I’ve had of these characters for ages with the world is quite a treat for me, and I hope to do more!

That’s it for me. I’m currently hard at work on Issue 2. Hopefully you will get a kick out of the new stuff and enjoy the surprises and improvements we have set up along the way!

– Cartographer