This is the final page of issue 2. We’ll be taking a hiatus after this til January, but we’ve cowboyed around in our minds and rustled up some content for the break. Keep watching this space, stuff is gonna be here for you to enjoy – even if it’s not DIRECTLY related to Blue Skies.

Thanks for sticking with us through two whole issues, and please return for the 3rd!

– Chronicler


Working on Issue 2 was such a blast; getting to have more expression and acting, cool effects and angles, and of course making the jump to full colour. I hope to continue to develop the style of the series and the skill with which I can render it. Thanks for sticking around as we navigate new territory!

I’d also like to thank my friend Scott again for providing some additional art for this issue, as well as inspiring and supporting me as I furiously scribble through pages.

Can’t wait to map out the next chapter in our high flying adventure!

– Cartographer